5 Keys to Double Your Speaking Business

In this week’s Succeed Speaking newsletter, I identified five key qualities that will help you double your speaking business:

1. Be bold: Show no fear in the face of potential dangers or obstacles.

2. Be innovative: Don’t get comfortable with the way things have always been done.

3. Be valuable: Enhance your service to become even more important to prospective clients.

4. Be persistent: Persevere, no matter the opposition or discouragement you encounter.

5. Be-lieve: Have confidence in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and where you’re headed.

We’ve placed an emphasis on embracing these qualities here at The Speakers Group over the past year, and as a result, I’m grateful that I can say we’ve recently posted our best December, best January, and best February — ever. I’ve heard from several speakers who are also experiencing strong growth right now, and I can see these same qualities in them and their speaking businesses. As I wrote in the newsletter, “I’ve never seen a person or an organization with these qualities fail.”

Even when you’re doing the right things in the right ways, it can still be a difficult road. That’s why #4 and #5 are so important. Just stick to the plan and, as I’ve heard from my friend, Byrd Baggett, several times, “Don’t quit before the blessing!”

How have these qualities helped you succeed in your speaking business? Are there other qualities that you believe are equally or more important? Let’s hear your comments!