4 Tips to Succeed Speaking in 2017

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more “professional speakers” than ever these days? I’m not sure if there are really more “professional” speakers, but there are definitely more people who call themselves speakers. And what that does is create a very crowded, noisy marketplace… so while you have more opportunities […]

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Marco Rubio Is Repeating Himself… and So Should You (Public Speaking Tips)

Embed from Getty Images While most people are still talking about the Super Bowl this morning–it was awesome!!–I keep thinking about the Republican Presidential Debate. (Yes, that probably says something about me.) Two things in particular struck me. First, this was hilarious: And second, as someone who has worked with professional public speakers for almost 17 […]

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Speakers, You’ve GOTTA Get On Periscope!! (Says Who?)

Maybe you’ve heard about this new social media/video streaming app called Periscope. (Maybe it seems like you’re hearing about it everywhere.) Periscope launched in March and by early August they had surpassed 10 million user accounts. I guess that’s what you call reaching “critical mass,” because that’s about the time I went from knowing about Periscope to not being able to get away from […]

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5 Reasons Every Speaker Should Write a Book (and a FREE Guide to Write Yours in 90 Days)

5 Reasons Every Speaker Should Write A Book

[NOTE: This post contains affiliate links to free resources, which means I may be paid a commission if you choose to purchase any products for sale on the external sites. Thank you for reading.] If you’re a speaker, or if you want to speak, you should write a book. (You’ve probably heard that before.) But if, having heard that, you […]

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