Shawn Ellis is as honest and sincere a gentleman as a speaking coach can be. I hired Shawn as my “wing man” and was nothing but impressed with his attention to detail and handle on the industry.

His weekly instructional memos are read word for word. As a 30 year veteran in the speaking business, I always feel that Shawn is about to point me toward a new thought (or reminder) that will help my cause, not to mention my eating habits. I can’t say more about Shawn Ellis without sounding like a paid commercial. Shawn is the real deal, and I am fortunate that our paths have crossed. Period.

Mike Marchev
Become the Exception

Shawn Ellis has helped me better understand the big picture in the speaking business. I appreciate his unique perspective and ideas for getting booked by speakers bureaus. He has also exposed me to various resources that will help me succeed at higher levels as a speaker, author, and online information marketer. He’s booked me in the past and I can vouch for his integrity and professionalism.

David Humes
Black Belt Productivity Training

Shawn is an excellent resource for speakers and those supporting speakers. He has served this community well by being current and real. He is an amiable, knowledgable and generous person. Thank you, Shawn!

Uta / Speaker Intel

I always look forward to Shawn’s emails. Not only do they keep me updated on the speaking industry, but also serve as motivation. The funny thing is, and I do mean “funny,” is that I’m a comedy coach. Yes, I coach stand-up comedians and also provide them with business advice. BUT Shawn is a speaker “coach” and I rely on him to give me advice about that industry. He does a great job and if you want to get ahead in this business, be sure you’re a part of Succeed Speaking.

Dave Schwensen
You’re Talking, But Is Anyone Really Listening?

Your e-mails from SUCCEED SPEAKING have been very worthwhile……..and that is coming from my wearing both of my hats….bureau and speaker.

Mike Frank
Speakers Unlimited

As an author, musician, mindfulness practitioner, and now, public speaker, I value the insights and tips Shawn Ellis of Succeed Speaking shares. Succeed Speaking Studio is worth a second look.

Jennifer Bair
Celebrate the Open Road Inside of You

Hi Shawn – just wanted to thank you for your tutorials. They were great. Every time an email came I devoured them and always found them helpful, educaational and motivational. Thanks again!

Bill Herz
Magicorp Productions

While I read the periodic newsletters as time allowed, I took the time to read the condensed version at one sitting. What a great combination of solid and useful information! Too often we get so involved in new ideas or strategies we ignore some of the basics. I look forward to reading additional newsletters in coming months!

Jeff Thredgold
Thredgold Economic Associates

When my book, The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable published in early 2008, I thought I was prepared to make the leap from the small stage to the larger venues. I learned quickly that I wasn’t. A friend of a friend introduced me to Shawn and it was only then that I learned how the business really worked. Shawn’s efforts on my behalf and his follow up advice through Succeed Speaking, etc. made a great deal of difference in the success of my business. I encourage you to take advantage of Shawn’s expertise as well.

Robert Thompson
Leader Inside Out

Shawn is one of the most creative and resourceful people in the lecture business.

He really does his research and homework. When you receive his information or interact with him you can be sure you are getting the most up to date and correct ideas and material. And, he is a naturally inspiring person……and he isn’t the speaker! Good guy……smart business person. A valued colleague!

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel
A New Breed of Leader