About Succeed Speaking

Do you want to achieve greater success as a professional speaker?

Do you want to build a business that is sustainable well into the future, and one that capitalizes on all you have to offer?

If so, I invite you to make Succeed Speaking a frequent stop on your journey.

What You Can Expect

You’ll find content here that is intended to help you:

  1. Develop and deliver amazing presentations that are true to your unique style, and aligned with modern learning styles.
  2. Become a more valuable asset to meeting planners and those who hire speakers.
  3. Expand your platform to reach more people through not only live speaking, but also through blogging, social media, e-newsletters, publishing, product development, and other channels.
  4. Optimize your business operations, whether by adopting available technology solutions, sharing best practices for your staff, or other means, with the goal of helping you spend most of your time doing what you do best.

That’s my aim, and that’s what you’ll find through the Succeed Speaking blog and other resources offered here.

Welcome, and let me know how we can help you achieve greater success in YOUR speaking business!

About Me (Shawn Ellis)

Since 1999, I’ve had the privilege of working with many of the world’s best speakers and the meeting planners and business leaders who book those speakers. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

During the same time, I’ve been a leader in two successful small businesses — one as a vice president, another as the owner and president. Both have been built through innovative marketing and utilization of the latest technologies, with a commitment to excellent customer service as the foundation.

While I’m still booking speakers and leading The Speakers Group, I’ve created Succeed Speaking as an outlet to help professional speakers build more successful businesses through no-hype, professional business strategies fitted to today’s marketplace (not the marketplace from 10-20 years ago).

Shawn Ellis is as honest and sincere a gentleman as a speaking coach can be. I hired Shawn as my “wing man” and was nothing but impressed with his attention to detail and handle on the industry. – Mike Marchev, Author of Become the Exception