Speakers Bureaus

Monetary Incentives for Bureau Agents?

photo credit: Steve Snodgrass John, a reader of the Succeed Speaking newsletter, asked the following question this week: Is it appropriate to offer a speakers bureau a larger commission than is customary or an additional monetary incentive to secure a booking in this economy where there are so many qualified […]

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Does Bureau-Friendly Matter?

When answering questions on a recent call with speakers, I shared some tips on how speakers could better position themselves as a partner to speakers bureaus and one of my tips was to offer bureau-friendly — or better yet, bureau-specific — promotional materials. In response, one speaker said, “‘Bureau-friendly’ is […]

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Want to Succeed Speaking? Listen First!

This will be a quick and seemingly ultra-basic message… but it may also be the most powerful sales lesson I can offer: If you want to be a successful speaker, if you want to get more business, if you want speakers bureaus to notice you… close your mouth every now […]

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How NOT to Work with Speakers Bureaus

A few days ago, I spoke at a workshop for new/aspiring speakers on the subject of “Working with Speakers Bureaus.” In addition to talking about why speakers bureaus shouldn’t be high on a speaker’s priority list when it comes to business building, I also shared some do’s and don’ts for […]

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