Content Delivery

Do you embed YouTube videos on your website? If so, you need this (in my opinion)

[leadplayer_vid id=”50BD20C666FDA”] [sws_divider_padding] You’ve got video on your website, right? The overwhelming majority of clients and prospects have told me that’s the first thing they’re looking for when they come to a speaker’s profile. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get video on your site these days — especially with YouTube. […]

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How Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders Can Capture More Leads, Make More Connections and Close More Sales

As a speaker, author or thought leader, capturing leads, making real connections with those leads, and ultimately converting them into paying customers is the lifeblood of your business. How are you doing with that? Evaluate your current lead management practices by answering “True” or “False” to these 10 statements: I […]

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