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I’ve been booking speakers for more than a decade, during which time I’ve also been a leader in two very successful small businesses. Would you find it helpful to have that experience on your side?

While speaker coaches and mentors are seemingly a dime a dozen, too many of them are pushing “old school” business strategies that just don’t work anymore. That’s an insult to the speaking profession, and it’s an insult to prospective clients in today’s marketplace. I see a tremendous need for current, innovative guidance for speakers. If I can deliver that and help you be a more effective speaker, then it’s good for you, good for meeting planners, and good for speakers bureaus.

What can you expect in the Succeed Speaking newsletter? Here are a few of the subjects I’ll be addressing along the way:

  • How to work more effectively with speakers bureaus
  • How to utilize technology in optimizing your speaking business
  • Innovative (and often, free or low-cost) marketing strategies
  • Sales practices that work in today’s marketplace
  • Defining and communicating your unique brand
  • What meeting planners want and expect from speakers
  • Plain and simple “good business” practices

As I said above, my aim is to help you achieve the following in your speaking business:

  1. Have more fun
  2. Reach more people
  3. Make more money

Take a look at a few past issues:

It’s been an honor for me to work with some of the most influential people in the world (by that, I mean speakers like you) over the past decade, and I look forward to being a better partner in your endeavors in the decades to come through the Succeed Speaking newsletter.

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  • How speakers can create a unique brand
  • How to use social media strategies to earn more business

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