What Are You Doing Today?

The easy part of speaking is, speaking. Well, it’s not easy, but that’s what probably comes most naturally to you and what you enjoy the most. But it’s what you do when you’re not speaking that will have a tremendous impact on your business. Today’s post is just a simple reminder: Every day, make sure you’re doing something that moves you one step closer to your “dream” speaking business. Don’t just think about your next speech, but think about how you can best utilize your downtime to make your business better today than it was yesterday. For instance:

  • Is there someone you’d like to connect with? A prospective client? A possible mentor? A business partner?
  • Have you written anything new today? Keep the content flowing – even if it’s just writing thoughts in your journal. You never know when you might stumble on the premise for a new book, presentation, article, or blog post.
  • Have you learned anything new today? Reading, watching videos of your peers, talking to people at the coffee shop – all great ways to keep your mind fresh and find new stories or facts to enhance your speaking and writing.
  • Is there something on your task list that you’ve been putting off? Is there something you’ve been dreading that you could do in just five minutes and be done with it? Today is the best time to do it.

The point is: keep moving forward. Speaking is a very energy-intensive profession, and when you’re not speaking you may find yourself flying on the high from your last speech, or relaxing during the lull before your next speech. Of course you need to enjoy those highs and by all means, take time to relax. But if you really want to build an extraordinary speaking business, never let a day pass that you don’t do something that will make you better than you were yesterday.

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