Million-Dollar Business Plan for Experts, Authors and Speakers

There’s a cool video going around that you may have seen — it shows a million-dollar plan on how you can start from scratch and become a highly-paid expert through books, speeches, coaching, and online marketing:

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The video is from Brendon Burchard, creator of Experts Academy. Brendon has been on stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, the Dalia Lama, Stephen Covey, Paula Abdul… lots of cool people! I first heard about him from a friend in Jack Canfield’s office, and when Jack and and his team tell me I need to know someone, I take notice.

Well, after following Brendon for nearly a year now, I can tell you he’s the real deal.

Brendon teaches speakers, authors, experts, and seminar leaders the same kind of stuff I teach through Succeed Speaking, but he comes at it from a different angle than I do — he’s on the speaker side; I’m on the business side.

Anyway, here’s why the video is so powerful:

Brendon made $4.6 million in his first 18 months in this industry, and he shows you exactly how and why.

(At the end of the video, Brendon gives this insane plan for how to make a million dollars as an expert. Watch the numbers – they add up!)

All the while he’s doing it by sharing his life’s story, inspiring others, giving highly-valued information, and building an empire as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, and online marketer.

And he breaks it all down to focusing on just four things:

Positioning, Packaging, Promoting, and Partnering.

This is great stuff — I sent this video to my network of established pro speakers today (are you on my list?) and even though Brendon’s video is about how to start from scratch, many of them were raving about it, too! One of my $7,500 speakers said “WOW Shawn! Thanks so much…Fabulous!”

See what I mean in his complimentary video series:

Discover Brendon’s expert plan

I know you’ll enjoy it!

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