It’s Not About You!

When you’re a speaker, prospective clients ask to see your photo, your bio, your video, your client list, your testimonials, etc. to make a decision about whether or not you’re right for their event. That could lead you to believe “I’m a star – this is all about me.” Don’t fall for it, though. It’s not all about you. It’s about everyone but you.

That’s hard for a speaker to hear – and hard for any of us to hear, for that matter. But if you want to build a successful speaking business, you’ll be well served to wake up every morning thinking about everyone you serve – particularly meeting planners, meeting attendees, and other consumers of your material.

When it comes to meeting planners (or business leaders, or others who book you for their events), it’s all about them. They want – and deserve – to be the heroes of their events. Whether their objective is to “wow” their audience with a great speaker or to stimulate their team to perform at higher levels, your job is to deliver.

When it comes to meeting attendees, they’ve given of their time (whether required or not) and sometimes their money to be there. You have a responsbility to them. They expect you to make their lives better.

The same goes for readers of your books, viewers of your videos, coaching clients, etc. They’re in it for them, not for you.

Does this sound obvious to you? Too basic? I know it is as simple as it gets, but hardly a week goes by when I don’t hear from a speaker who sounds the “It’s all about me!” alarm. When we get caught up in marketing strategy, or keeping up our social media accounts, or answering questions about ourselves, it’s very easy to get started down the “me” path. We’re just wired that way. But remembering that it’s not all about you is truly the best thing for you.

Rick Smith offers career advice in his book, The Leap, but it also applies to speakers: “Big, selfless, simple ideas attract a supportive team and multiply your success.”

When you, as a speaker, have a mission and a purpose that is not about you, but is instead about making that planner a hero, or about helping that program attendee improve, it comes through loud and clear and it is extremely refreshing. When people realize that you are all about helping them, they’re naturally drawn to you. They want to book you as a speaker. They want to buy your books. They want you as a coach. They want everything you have to offer! And you didn’t have to sell anything!

How’s that for a business strategy?

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