How Do You Create a #1 Bestseller with No Big Media? Brendon Burchard Shows the Way

Who wouldn’t like a #1 best-selling book? But with upwards of 300,000 books published on a yearly basis (in the United States alone), how do you make it happen?

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not as simple as “write a great book.”

Also contrary to popular opinion, your publisher isn’t going to make it happen for you (unless you’re one of their major releases for the year).

You have to plan very strategically if you want to see your title in the #1 spot, and historically, that has involved hiring a PR team — and paying them thousands of dollars a month — to issue press releases, get you prime media coverage, set up a massive radio tour, and on and on.

As they say, though, history is history.

Just look at what Brendon Burchard has done — and is doing — with his new book, The Millionaire Messenger.

In Brendon’s own words, he is “inciting a revolution” — and he’s not doing it through mainstream media, direct mail, press releases, or any of the traditional vehicles used by authors and publishers. He’s doing it through people like me — and several other affiliates who believe in his work and want to help him spread his message.

Some details about this “revolution”:

Last month, on Februrary 17th, the giant bookstore, Borders Books, went BANKRUPT with over $1 Billion in liabilities.

Now their 17,500 employees are fearing for their futures as their jobs become uncertain …stockholders are looking at potential losses, and yet another big company bites the dust.

On that same day, Brendon pre-sold 5,000 copies of The Millionaire Messenger. Since then, he’s sold TENS of thousands more and the book premiered this week as the #1 bestseller on Amazon and the #1 bestseller on — again, with no paid advertising, no press releases, no big media, no costly direct mail, no radio, and without spending any money.

So how can Brendon, “one little guy from Montana,” who isn’t famous or backed by some big company or PR firm, sell 5,000 copies of a book on a single day with no advertising — when most major publishers only sell 5,000 copies of a book over it’s entire lifetime?

Brendon will be the first to tell you that it’s not about him or him being better than anyone else. What it is about is him embracing the fact that the “old way” doesn’t work anymore. We’re now living in what Gary Vaynerchuk calls The Thank You Economy:

Gone are the days when a blizzard of marketing dollars could be used to overwhelm the airwaves, shut out the competition, and grab customer awareness… The businesses and brands that harness the word-of-mouth power from social media, those that can shift their culture to be more customer-aware and fan-friendly, will pull away from the pack and profit in today’s markets.

That’s how Brendon Burchard got to #1. That’s how YOU can get to #1.

Do good things. Treat people right. Build a following. Execute a smart business strategy.

And as it turns out, that’s exactly what Brendon talks about in his new book: “how to REALLY get your message out there an turn your personal message into a FORTUNE …even in the worst economy we’ve seen in a century.”

If you have advice to share… a story to share… expertise to share… and if you haven’t already picked up your copy of The Millionaire Messenger

Go watch this video of Brendon talking about the book and how your personal perspective and advice for others is your most valuable and monetizable asset in the new economy… and how you can get your message “out there” just like he has.

If nothing else, just pay attention to Brendon’s campaign around this book. He’s proven that we no longer neeed the big publishers or big media to win. The playing field has been leveled.

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