Write Your Book in 90 Days – Free Training Event

Is it taking you longer to write your book than you ever expected? (Maybe a lot longer?)

I was just notified of a free webinar (or teleseminar, if you choose) being hosted by Steve Harrison, publicity guru (clients include Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and others) and publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report. Steve is going to be interviewing a woman who’s developed a unique system for writing a quality non-fiction book in 90 days! (This woman happens to be the former creative assistant to famous author/speaker Tony Robbins, and at least 268 authors have used her system to get their books out of their heads and onto paper.)

The event is Thursday, May 2, and it’s being offered at your choice of times. Get all the details and register here.

In full disclosure, you will be invited to participate in a paid coaching program at the conclusion of this webinar/teleseminar and if you enroll, I may be paid a commission as an affiliate partner. You can decide whether the coaching program will benefit you or not, but if you’ve been struggling to get your book out, or if it’s just not happening as quickly as you would like, register for the free training and discover the speed writing system that’s helped 268+ authors get their books done quickly.