REPLAY: Waldo Waldman’s “Top Gun Speaker Strategies”

Are you ready to learn…

  • How to land your first paid speaking engagement
  • How to build a recognizable brand that clears the competition
  • How to find — and contact — the “hot” leads you need
  • How to create an amazing demo video and why it’s your most powerful sales tool
  • How to use your articles and content as a sales tool to get booked
  • And more?

That’s exactly what Waldo Waldman — an in-demand keynote speaker and New York Times best-selling author — shares in this 58-minute interview with Shawn Ellis, founder of The Speakers Group and creator of Succeed Speaking.

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Full Disclosure: Succeed Speaking is a paid affiliate for the Top Gun Speakers Academy and may be compensated if you register through the link provided above. We wouldn’t share this program if we didn’t believe in it — as a matter of fact, Shawn will be speaking there — but as always, do your due diligence before making any purchases online or elsewhere.