Unlocking the Secret to Successful Speakers Bureau Relationships

Are you frustrated by your experiences with speakers bureaus?

Or are you looking for opportunities to improve relationships with current speakers bureau partners?

In this video, Shawn takes you inside the world of speakers bureau operations and shares:

  • three questions you need to ask and answer in order to have fruitful relationships with speakers bureaus
  • the right mindset needed to approach speakers bureaus
  • the ONE question you can ask that will catch almost any speakers bureau agent off guard and help you become one of their most-booked speakers (and not just another name on the roster of hundreds or thousands)
  • and more!

11 Ways to Get More Exposure for Your Speaking Business

Watch this video training session and I’ll show you:

  • The right mindset you must have to attract maximum exposure for your speaking business
  • 11 ways to get more exposure, including…
    • My strategy for routinely getting to the first page — and often first position — in Google search results
    • Two resources to get you discovered by national media
    • How to connect with the clients you’re looking for — in a place where they’ll be happy to hear from you!
  • Why just writing a book isn’t enough to expand your business
  • How to be someone that the media wants to cover
  • And much more!

The Future of Speaking: Solid Strategies for a Shaky Market

Download the mp3 here.

On the teleseminar, Shawn answers the following questions:

  • Are live speaking engagements doomed because of new technologies and virtual programs?
  • What do speakers have to do to survive and thrive in this new marketplace?
  • How do the “good speakers” stand out with more and more speakers crowding the marketplace?
  • What matters most today: style or content?
  • How do you balance “free vs. fee” in distributing your content in this “everything is free” Internet age?
  • Do “best-selling books” still help you stand out?
  • What kind of exposure is most effective for speakers today?
  • Do speakers need exclusive agents?
  • Where are the most exciting opportunities for speakers today… and tomorrow?
  • What do speakers have to do to re-capture the mega-successes of the past?

Autopilot Marketing: How to Build, Manage, Engage and Grow Your List to Expand Your Speaking Business

NOTE: The first 12 slides do not appear in the video above (user error — ME!)… Everything is correct after about the 41-minute mark. You can download the slides below to follow along.

Download the slides (PDF format) for the session.

In this session you’ll learn how to…

  • Create an “autopilot” marketing system to grow your speaking business
  • Mobilize a “24/7” sales force to work for you
  • Reach (and help) more people with your message
  • Create a foundation that allows you to diversify your business model

And I’ll show you how to do it yourself, or outsource the whole thing!

How I Secured a $15k Booking in 24 Hours, with Just One Email to a ‘Cold’ Contact — and Other Winning Sales Strategies for Speakers

Listen or Download Now:

Download MP3.

Prospective clients are busier than ever. There are more speakers than ever begging for their business. Committees are larger than ever. How do you navigate all of these challenges? In this session, we explore innovative yet simple prospecting and sales strategies that work in today’s marketplace. Learn how to break through the crowd and position yourself as a solution clients are thrilled to work with!