3 Steps to Build a Six-Figure Speaking Business

How do you build a six-figure speaking business?

There are several ways to go about it, but I’ll give you my favorite one:

Step One: Find someone who’s already done it.

Step Two: Adapt and model your strategy based on what they’ve done.

Step Three: Execute the strategy. (i.e. Do the work.)

That’s adapted from something I once heard: “Someone has already figured out a process that works to achieve the results you want to achieve. Find that person. Learn from them.”

Sounds better than beating your head against the wall for 10 years, doesn’t it?

Indeed, but how do I connect with this person who’s built a six-figure speaking business?

Join me on Thursday and I’ll introduce you to him. His name is Waldo Waldman, a.k.a. “The Wingman,” and he’s a guy you’ll want to learn from:

#1 – He’s a man of character, a man you can trust.

#2 – He’s gone about building his business the right way — which means he’s worked hard — from day one. Starting out, he read the books, attended the seminars, teamed up with mentors, did free speeches. Today, he earns $15k or more per speech, and he’s on pace to do about 75 events this year (again). Oh, and he also has a New York Times best-selling book.

This Thursday, I’m hosting a teleseminar with Waldo, where I’m going to ask him to share the real “levers” that have propelled him to where he is today — everything from how he got his first paid speech (you won’t believe how much he got paid) to how he built a recognizable brand to how he created a demo video that wins business, and where he finds leads (HINT: they’re free and open to the public).

The event is free, and you can register here:

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