Jill Konrath Recording

Thanks for registering for our “29-Minute Sales Training” with Jill Konrath.

If you missed the call — or if you just want to listen again — here’s the replay:

(We did keep the core training to just 29 minutes, but we went into “bonus time” answering questions.)

During our conversation, Jill shared:

  • Two of her favorite places to find prospects (with names and titles)
  • How to use automated research tools to identify “trigger events” that you can leverage in your messages to prospects
  • Why you should use both email and voicemail during your prospecting efforts
  • The one thing that will automatically get your voicemail deleted
  • The mindset shift that will increase your chances of NOT being deleted
  • Why you need to plan for 8-10 contacts with a prospect to have a shot at a booking with them
  • And much more!
Download the MP3 here.