How to Jumpstart Your Speaking Business in 30 Days

Okay, so you’ve got a message to share. Now what?

We’ve established that speakers bureaus are not the way to go right now…

Instead of wasting your time trying to get listed on a roster–and then forgotten–how about you spend your time doing something that will yield real results?

How about I show you how to:

  1. Create the essential marketing materials so you look like a speaker who gets paid to speak.
  2. Go find paid speaking opportunities.
  3. Filter those opportunities to identify the ones that are best for you.
  4. Pursue those “high probability” paid speaking opportunities (without cold calling).

Sound like a plan?

If so, I invite you to sign up for my Jumpstart Your Speaking Business in 30 Days training program.

What do I know?

I’ve booked over 800 speaking engagements for speakers ranging from Dr. Wayne Dyer to Marcus Buckingham to Naomi Judd to Marci Shimoff to Magic Johnson to Jon Gordon to Erik Wahl to Patrick Lencioni and many more. (Maybe there’s a name or two in there you’ve heard of.)

It’s not really the “big names” that should capture your attention, though.

What should matter to you is that most of the dates I’ve booked have been for speakers you’ve likely never heard of. People who were once nurses, doctors, teachers, managers, military, salespeople, and others who decided they had a message or expertise to share, and who went out there, did the work, and created successful careers as professional speakers.

Why shouldn’t that be your story?

I’d love to help you make it so.

What if I could “lend” you my experience and lessons learned from years of facilitating these engagements, proposing speakers to clients, and seeing what clients like and what they don’t like–what makes them pick one speaker over another, for example?

I know where to find the people who book speakers… I know how to make contact with them… and I know how to position a speaker as someone that the client can trust on their stage. And finally, I’ve filtered, processed, and boiled down all of this knowledge to create a step-by-step program called Jumpstart Your Speaking Business in 30 Days.

Here’s what’s included:

Four Modules of Training (Value: $497)

  • Module 1: Let’s Go Prospecting — Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to use Google to find all the speaking opportunities you want. Truly, you can start building your list of qualified leads today. I’ll teach you the best keywords to use plus some “secret” add-ons to refine your search results even further.
  • Module 2: How to “Look Like a Speaker” (Who Gets Paid to Speak) — In this audio training, I’ll walk you through the 10 essential tools that planners expect to see in a professional speaker’s toolbox. In other words, if you say “I’m a speaker,” these are the materials that will back up your claim. I’ll show you how to create these tools step-by-step–and I’ll even teach you three ways to create a video, even when you have no live speaking footage.
  • Module 3: The Power of Focus — In Module 1, I’ll show you how to find all the speaking leads you could ever want. In this audio training, I’ll show you how to focus in on the opportunities that are have the best potential for you–which enables you to really get inside the prospective client’s head and position yourself as the best speaker for their needs.
  • Module 4: “I’m Here to Help” (Or, Secrets of a Winning Email Outreach Initiative) — In this audio training, you’ll put together everything you’ve done so far to go after paid speaking engagements! I’ll teach you the keys to effective email marketing–including how to write emails that get opened, get read, and get a response–and how to position yourself as a “welcome guest” in your prospect’s inbox… rather than an “annoying pest.”

Lots of Bonus Tools, Templates and Guides (Value: $449)

  • The Essential Guide to Get Paid to Speak — a free PDF copy of my book that answers all your big questions about getting paid to speak, including who pays speakers, what topics are in highest demand, what professional speakers get paid, and more
  • Cheat Sheet: 10 Subject Lines to Get Your Emails Opened — Don’t lose precious minutes staring at a blinking cursor in the subject line of your prospecting email. Just choose one of the 10 proven subject lines on our “cheat sheet” and keep moving!
  • Speaking Leads Follow-up Spreadsheet — This is the exact spreadsheet I use to collect information about new speaking leads — including information about the person, their event, their audience, and the content I’ve shared with them.
  • Fill-in-the-Blank “One-Sheet” Template — (HINT: This is one of the 10 essential marketing tools you’ll learn about in Module 2.) You could easily pay $500-1500 to have one created for you, or you can use this template (in Microsoft Word format) and just insert your information — that you’ll learn how to create in teleclass #2 — in place of the placeholder text.
  • Speaker Website Creation Guide — Your website is the online “home” for many of the other essential tools prospective clients will expect to see. This guide is not a technical one, but rather, a strategic one, outlining the 7 pages a speaker’s website must have — so either you or your web designer can create a site that not only looks good… but that actually works for a speaker!
  • How to Set Your Fee with Confidence — This special report includes insightful wisdom about setting your fee and believing in your fee — something that many speakers struggle with, especially early on. Why would anyone get paid $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 or even more for just an hour of work? Well, you and I know that there’s more than an hour of work involved. But still, you need to understand what your fee says about your value, and you need to quote your fee with confidence. This report has been called “one of the best” on the topic of setting your fee, and I know it will help you.
  • 7 Ways to Keep the Conversation Alive — Ask around and you’ll hear that content is one of the best tools for marketing today. And guess what? As a speaker, you are in a very desirable position because your entire business is based on content! This checklist will give you some ideas of how to repurpose your message and leverage your content to keep following up with prospective clients.
  • 7 Copy-and-Paste, Fill-in-the-Blank Email Outreach Templates — I’m going to give you my “Conversation Starter” email template for your first contact with a prospective client, and then six more templates to follow up, respond to questions, and more. All you have to do is fill in your and your prospective client’s information, hit send, and get a response!
  • And more!! — There are even more bonus tools and guides that I’d rather just surprise you with once you get inside the members area!

Bonus Trainings to Enhance Your Business (Value: $241)

  • The Business of Speaking: In this 57-minute audio training from one of my previous programs, I’ll give you a crash course on all the essentials of the speaking business–how to work with speakers bureaus, how to set your fee, what meeting planners want, and more.
  • Marketing Rules: In this 91-minute audio training from my Summer Marketing Camp with digital marketing expert Allan Karl, you’ll learn all the key “rules” to succeed in marketing your speaking business. Feel like you don’t know how to market yourself? This will get you up to speed!
  • Top Gun Speaker Strategies: How would you like to listen in on my conversation with Hall of Fame Speaker and former fighter pilot, Waldo Waldman, as he shares his winning strategies for launching his speaking business and becoming one of the most successful speakers today? Here’s your chance! Waldo holds nothing back and teaches you some of the key lessons he’s learned so far.

Here’s what’s really cool about this:

  1. You get access to all of this on day one–it doesn’t “drip” out little by little, stringing you along… but I will email you week by week to help you systematically proceed through the lessons.
  2. This program is designed so you can spend most of your precious time actually working on your business–not just thinking about working on your business. Click here to view the assignment checklist, so you can see what you’ll accomplish by the time you complete the program.
  3. You get access to the all materials for life–so you can proceed at your own pace and come back to the program as often as necessary as you build and grow your business.
  4. It’s risk-free: If you don’t love it, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give your money back.

What’s the investment?

If you add up the retail value of the training modules, the bonus tools, templates, and guides, and the bonus recordings, it’s $1,187

But you know the drill. I’m not going to ask you to pay that today.

Before I make you a really good offer, let me answer your investment question with another question:

What would this program be worth to you if…

  • it could help you finally get unstuck and moving forward with clarity and confidence? 
  • it could help you spend more of your time working on your business instead of thinking about your business? 
  • it could help you land just one speaking engagement at $2,500 (or more)?

If this program could accomplish that for you, I think you would agree that it would be worth far more than $1,187. (I mean, book one speaking engagement at $2,500 and it’s paid for itself twice… and every booking past that is pure profit.)

Normally, I offer the program at $497 (so, more than half-off the retail value).

That’s a great deal for anyone who’s serious about building a successful speaking business.

Today, though, since you came in as a prospective speaker at The Speakers Group, I want to offer you everything for just $297.

The fact you found The Speakers Group and reached out tells me that you’re serious. It tells me that you know how to take action…

So if you’ll just follow my advice and work through what I teach in the training, I’m confident that you’ll love this program.

If not, though, remember: it’s backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Put everything to the test, and if it doesn’t work for you, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. All the risk is on me.

Sound good?

This is your chance to have a veteran speaker booking agent come alongside you and show you exactly what you need to do to get out there and start sharing your message as a paid speaker. Someone is waiting to hear your message…

Don’t delay and click below to register today:

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