The Future of Speaking: Teleseminar Replay

Click to listen to a replay of Shawn’s teleseminar on “The Future of Speaking: Solid Strategies for a Shaky Market”:

Or, download the mp3 here.

On the teleseminar, Shawn answers the following questions:

  • Are live speaking engagements doomed because of new technologies and virtual programs?
  • What do speakers have to do to survive and thrive in this new marketplace?
  • How do the “good speakers” stand out with more and more speakers crowding the marketplace?
  • What matters most today: style or content?
  • How do you balance “free vs. fee” in distributing your content in this “everything is free” Internet age?
  • Do “best-selling books” still help you stand out?
  • What kind of exposure is most effective for speakers today?
  • Do speakers need exclusive agents?
  • Where are the most exciting opportunities for speakers today… and tomorrow?
  • What do speakers have to do to re-capture the mega-successes of the past?

Don’t miss this power-packed one-hour session!