Free Teleseminar: The Future of Speaking

Join Shawn Ellis, president of The Speakers Group and creator of Succeed Speaking, for a free 60-minute teleseminar on Monday, June 7, at 11am Eastern time, and hear his take on “The Future of Speaking: Solid Strategies for a Shaky Market.”

Attend this fast-paced session and you’ll get answers to important questions such as:

  • Are live speaking engagements doomed because of new technologies and virtual programs?
  • What do speakers have to do to survive and thrive in this new marketplace?
  • How do the “good speakers” stand out with more and more speakers crowding the marketplace?
  • What matters most today: style or content?
  • How do you balance “free vs. fee” in distributing your content in this “everything is free” Internet age?
  • Do “best-selling books” still help you stand out?
  • What kind of exposure is most effective for speakers today?
  • Do speakers need exclusive agents?
  • Where are the most exciting opportunities for speakers today… and tomorrow?
  • What do speakers have to do to re-capture the mega-successes of the past?

You’ll also learn more details about the soon-to-be-open Succeed Speaking Gold Inner Circle and how it can help you grow your speaking business into the future. If you’ve been feeling alone… If you’ve been feeling like you just need some guidance to get you to the “next level”… If you’ve been looking to connect with a community of like-minded speakers… then you’ll want to hear about this exciting new program! It may be the missing link you’ve been looking for!

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