9-Step “Create Anything” Outline for Information Products

Brendon Burchard’s Total Product Blueprint


Do you have a message and/or expertise that can help people? Of course you do.

Are you able to “download” everything you have to offer in a 45-90 minute keynote? Of course not.

So do you currently have products or resources that allow your attendees to “take you home” with them? I hope so.

But if not, Brendon Burchard just released a new training video with his 9-step “Create Anything” outline to help you get started creating your first product TODAY. Here are the highlights from the outline, and you can sign up below to get the full 50-minute training video (you’ll love it!):

First, provide context

1. Introduce Yourself: “I help [target audience] do [activity] so that [key benefit].”

2. Ask: “Have you ever had these challenges?” (What challenges will your program help them overcome?)

3. Connect with Them: “Me too” (Share your own struggles before you share your successes)

4. And Then: Share your story of finding a solution

5. And Then: Share the results you’ve created in your own life/business, or in the lives/businesses of your clients/customers

6. Now: Old world/new world/myths+trends (In other words, “The old world doesn’t work anymore… In the new world things have completely changed… To succeed now, you have to do it this way…”)

Then, deliver content

7. Outline and Expand Your Solution Framework: This is the meat of your program

8. Identify Most Common Mistakes: Give them the do’s and don’ts to keep them on track

9. Now What? Tell them the first action to take so they can get on their way to achieving the desired results

And there you have it! You can follow this outline to create any one of 12 possible products — e-books, audio series, seminars…

Would you like additional training – free?

Sign up for Brendon Burchard’s free video seriesand discover the 10 essentials for building a multi-million-dollar expert brand, which helped Brendon define his story, monetize his knowledge, and share his message with the world.

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