Are You Holding Out On Them?

Let me begin by asking you a series of questions.

Do you believe you have a valuable message to share?

Of course…

Can you share all of your insights/expertise in 45-90 minutes (a typical keynote)?

Of course not…

So are you offering some way people can “take you home” — ideally, more than a book — at the end of your presentation?

Are you talking about products?

I am.

According to the most recent membership survey by the National Speakers Association, the average speaker makes about 13% of their annual gross revenue from product sales… but 19% of speakers make NO money from products and 42% of speakers generate just 1-10% of their revenue from products.

What does that mean?

It means many speakers are selling their audiences — and their businesses — short. Are you one of them?

We’ll talk about what this means to your business next week, but for now, let’s focus on your audience members — they need your help.

Some speakers don’t have products because they don’t know how to create them or they just don’t have time to create them. That’s understandable, but both problems are easily solved — there’s plenty of great training available, or you can outsource the product creation all together (email me if you like the sound of that).

What concerns me more are the speakers who don’t have products because “I don’t want to sell anything” or because “Products are slimy.”

1. I don’t want you to sell anything, either. I want you to offer something.

2. Products are not slimy; a few people who pitch products are slimy. Don’t let those people dictate what you do in your business — you’re not like them.

Going back to question #3 above — if you’re not offering products (or “resources” or “materials”) after you speak, you’re not giving your attendees the opportunity to consume everything you have to offer. You’re holding out on them.

Have you ever thought about products that way?

Remember: You are the answer that someone is looking for.

When you deliver a meaningful message to your audience… when you connect with them… don’t leave them hanging.

Give them a way that they can bring you into their homes or businesses on a daily basis so you can truly change their lives.

You plant seeds with your keynote. What are you doing to help those seeds take root and grow?

Want more on this topic?

Check out the 9-step “Create Anything” outline to guide your product creation and also get the free 50-minute training video that shows you 12 simple-to-create products and programs to advance your message and bring in recurring revenue for your business.


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