3 Keys to Make Your Marketing Campaign Rock

During yesterday’s kickoff session for the Succeed Speaking Summer Marketing Camp, one of the focal points was how keynote speaker (and marketing guru) Allan Karl designed his powerful marketing campaign which had an impressive 20% success rate — compared to most direct marketing campaigns with a 2-3% success rate.

I asked Allan to identify three key elements that other speakers should take note of in designing their own successful campaigns, and here’s a quick snapshot of his advice:

1. Focus

What is the objective of your campaign? This is the question Allan asked himself at the beginning, so then he could design the entire sequence with an overlying message that would move the recipients toward a desired action. Sounds simple, but if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!

2. Simplicity

Many marketers — from all fields — try to say too much… They try to hit their prospects with everything they’ve got — full specs, 12 benefits, etc. — in one shot. That will overwhelm your prospects (at best) or just cause them to ignore you altogether (at worst). Allan made sure each piece of his campaign had a simple, single-minded message — even if it was just “something exciting’s coming… be on the lookout!”

3. Differentiation

What makes you different? You shouldn’t be different just for sake of being different, but there is something — or some things — about you that truly separates you from other speakers. Drill into your programs and topics and identify how that relates to you as a person… Then make sure that shines through during your campaign. Don’t be a lookalike.

Allan did throw in a fourth essential ingredient for an effective marketing campaign: consistency.

Any campaign must be consistent — meaning that it has a consistent look and feel AND that it continues through to the end. If you start a campaign and don’t finish it, your success rate plummets.

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